Did Spider-Man Far From Home Reveal That Tony Stark Is Still Alive?

So I got to see Spider-Man Far From Home today. It was actually really good. Mix any summer teen crush movie with an Avengers movie and you would get a movie like this. It was full of twists, turns and surprises and Marvel did a good job delivering on the character Mysterio. They did a really good job making us feel the presence of Tony Stark every step of the way as well. It was an instant classic.

That being said, there was a particular scene that did raised an eyebrow and it really did not register fully until the movie was over and I was on my way home.


Almost all of this is in the trailer so I’m not giving out too much. Oh on with it already…

Edith GlassesSo there is a scene when Nick Fury gives Peter Parker Tony Stark’s glasses. He says to Peter, “Stark wanted you to have these.” Also, when Peter opens the case, there is a note inside from Tony. I can’t remember what it said verbatim but it said something like, “For the next Tony Stark”. He puts the glasses on and an AI named EDITH gives Peter Parker a tutorial on the glasses. EDITH stands for…”Even Dead I’m The Hero”.

So I got to thinking and asked myself, “When exactly did Tony Stark give those glasses to Nick Fury to give to Parker? I started tracing back in my mind when it could have happened. The ONLY time it could have happened was sometime during Infinity War because after Stark leaves Earth on the flying donut with Squidward, Stark and Fury never see each other again. Fury got dusted and is not seen again until Tony’s funeral. That is of course unless Fury was at the final battle and Stark gave them to him then but that does not make sense.

So when Stark give the Edith glasses to Fury along with the hand written not from Tony? here are the possibilities…

1) Tony is still alive and is keeping it a secret. Maybe he was brought back to life the same way Agent Coulson was in Agents Of Shield and maybe he just wants to live a peaceful life with Pepper and Morgan. Although I would love to see Tony Stark alive in well, I think this scenario is unlikely. Robert Downey JR is apparently done with the character and him still being alive and not saying anything would just be wrong.

2) Tony is AI now. This would not surprise me at all. RDJ may be done with making movies as Iron Man but maybe that means physically being in the movies. Make no mistake. A voice over gig and Tony Stark would be hard for him to pass up. He could make millions of dollars doing it and literally would not have to leave his house. He could do the gig in 1 day versus months of preparation. No lines to memorize, etc.. You get the picture.

3) Pepper gave Fury the glasses and Fury, in an effort to motivate Parker, wrote the note himself. This to me is the most likely scenario. Nick Fury has been known to lie in order to achieve a goal. It’s something I expect a spy would be good at. Remember when Agent Coulson died? He went as far to grab the Captain America Trading Cards out of Coulson’s locker, smear Coulson’s blood on them and tell the Avengers that they were in Coulson’s pocket in order to get them motivated.

So which do you think it is? Is Tony Stark still alive in some sense or did Nick Fury do what he had to do to motivate Peter Parker to step up?

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